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Allstar Kung Fu was established in 2007 and has taught over 2,000 students. We are dedicated to teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu to all ages and levels. Our instructors have lifetimes of expertise ranging from coaching and training all levels to performing and competing in championships at the national and international level. They have all developed their unique instructional methods, offering students a variety of fresh perspectives on martial arts.

Our mission is to nurture and inspire the community with the best of what martial arts has to offer.
Master Jack Lu

​Master Jack founded Allstar Kung Fu in 2006. He received a BA in Chinese martial arts from Wuhan Sports University in China. He has won various international and national Chinese martial arts tournaments and was ranked a First Class Athlete and First Class Judge in China. He is a certified judge of USAWKF (USA Wushu Kungfu Federation), the first organization to officially represent the U.S. in the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the sole worldwide governing authority for wushu in all its forms. He has over 20 years of experience teaching martial arts, and his students have won numerous awards in U.S. national and international martial arts tournaments such as the UC Berkeley CMAT (Chinese Martial Arts Tournament) and the Golden State International Wushu Championships.

Irena Lin
Assistant Coach

Irena began practicing martial arts at Allstar in 2012. When she felt the initial pains of repetitive stress due to competing in badminton from a young age, she turned to kung fu and tai chi to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She quickly realized clear benefits such as increased strength, flexibility, and balance along with reduced chronic pain from old injuries. Irena works in the tech industry, is a member of the adult wushu team, and volunteers her free time to teach at Allstar. Drawing on past training and experiences from various competitions and tournaments, she coaches students to help them understand how to build muscle memory and prepare for special events and performances.

Dr. Mayumi Yoshida
Assistant Coach

Dr. Yoshida began kung fu training at the same time as her daughter, Nicolle. This mother-daughter pair participated in many community performances and later joined Master Jack when he opened Allstar in Sunnyvale. She found that kung fu brought her a healthy yet challenging life style. She has participated in many competitions, earning all around championships in the traditional categories at CMAT. Thanks to Master Jack's coaching, her daughter Nicolle had made it into the US National Junior Team. Dr. Yoshida is a college counselor helping students in the Bay Area and overseas apply to top colleges in the US. She is also an experienced translator specializing in many industries, namely medicine and law. Dr. Yoshida holds a black belt, is a member of the adult wushu team, and organizes Allstar's summer camp.

Michael Jones
Assistant Coach

Michael began practicing martial arts in his mid 40's at Allstar in 2007. Maintaining a consistent routine has proved to be a healthy counterpoint to his desk job. He practices tai chi on a regular basis as a way to nurture mindfulness and physical stability. He also plans to continue practicing kung fu into his later years to maintain his core strength, reflex, agility, flexibility, and endurance. He works in the Silicon Valley tech industry, is on the adult wushu team, and volunteers his time at various events and performances Allstar hosts and attends.

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