We hope that you have all been staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. As restrictions start easing up, Allstar Kung Fu invites you to get back into shape at our summer training camp. Each session is limited to 4 campers to maintain social distancing. Campers will hone skills such as basics, boxing, self defense, and weapons. Sessions will be held from 9 - 11 AM in June, July, and August. Sign up before May 15 for a FREE T-SHIRT! We hope to see you soon!


May 2 Update: 4 more sessions opened

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Basic Skills include strikes, kicks, jumps, stances. Every class has body conditioning for strength, flexibility, stamina, and agility.


Forms improve memory and coordination. Starting with Five Motions and Shaolin Long Fist, students advance to weapons, Long Fist, Southern Fist, animal forms, and more.


Kids get the opportunity to develop their reflexes and learn how to protect themselves from dangers.

Kung fu basics
Group training
Attention to detail
Individual instruction
Nurturing foundation